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Discover the Accademia del Caffè Espresso

The ACCADEMIA DEL CAFFÈ ESPRESSO is a cultural “hub” focused on espresso coffee.
Through analyses, research and communications, the Accademia consolidates and generates new relationships as well as new insights into espresso coffee culture.


Lab and Training

3 labs (roasting, cupping and sensory) focused on providing insights into and conducting studies on coffee throughout all stages of processing, from bean to cup. The labs are designed to accommodate different levels of training and expertise.

Research and Sustainability

An indoor greenhouse and equipped areas to partner with international universities and institutions of research.

Workshops and Innovation

Experimental workspaces focused on innovation, research in the field of customisation and the creation of a limited “Accademia Caffè Espresso” series.

Collection and Archives

An exhibit encompassing history, technology, and coffee. The La Marzocco corporate archives are open to the public for consultation.

Via Bolognese 68
Pian di San Bartolo
50014 Fiesole (Fi), Italy

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