Mission and values

The Accademia del Caffè Espresso is an ambassador for quality espresso coffee. Through its work, it promotes knowledge, culture, and the advancement of good practices.


The Accademia del Caffè Espresso stems from the robust foundations of La Marzocco in light of the company’s innovative corporate mission:

a humanistic model, and a point of reference for Italian coffee culture throughout the world.

The Accademia will establish key alliances and relationships with those institutions and brands that share its model of advancement and platform of values.

The aim is to enrich and improve the coffee industry.

Through encounters with ideas, cultures, know-how and skills, greater knowledge, expertise, and responsibility will come to light.

The Accademia defines coffee as its particular tool and object of research.

Coffee intended as a means and an end in every aspect and origin, in both arts and sciences to augment knowledge as well as defend the individual links within the supply chain.

The Accademia fosters an active debate on the contemporary status and sustainable future of this precious perennial.

The vault, the iconic element of the building that houses the Accademia, closely represents its mission since the arc unites two distant points, origin and consumption.

The vault is an architectural structure that evenly distributes weight and creates a balanced, virtuous system.

This is the Accademia’s mission: the symbolic structure of a building as a metaphor for the equitable redistribution of responsibilities between producer and consumer countries.

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