Permanent collection

The permanent collection at the Accademia is comprised of different spaces (tradition, innovation, botany) which, together, provide visitors with the opportunity to discover the world of coffee and specifically espresso.

The journey begins with the coffee plant and concludes with tasting a cup of excellence. Visitors will interact with technologies, research, discoveries, and company history, all part of a larger structure that is in constant evolution.

The espresso machine:
design craftsmanship engineering

Craftsmanship meets research and development – a technological innovation is just one small part of a story made up of success, failure, courage, and vision. Very often failure describes and instructs better than success. Images, graphics and words by the protagonists concerning key projects at La Marzocco accompany technical introductions that outline the functioning of an espresso coffee machine.

La Marzocco:
DNA in evolution

A great historical tale that crosses paths with the history of a company and its changes over time and with other stories: design, art, music, sport, culture.

the raw material

Learn about the coffee species and its geographical diffusion, discover the long journey of this antique beverage and the challenges that coffee farms face today due to climate change and much more.

The coffee greenhouse, the ecosystem, the plant

An indoor greenhouse introduces the plant within its natural ecosystem where one can find scientific, botanical, and agronomical information about the plant itself.

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