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“Genius loci: from the Workshop to the Accademia”

For decades, the Accademia had been the manufacturing seat of La Marzocco (the so-called Workshop).

Today it has changed, but the “spirit of place” (the “genius loci”) is still very much alive.

Just less apparent, less tangible.

Through this brief introductory narration, the “human fabric” takes shape, inevitably intertwined with the historic and social context that once characterised these workspaces.

Inspired by the sensations and memories of those who spent so much time within these walls and by rebuilding one workstation, a journey comes into being among living memories, images, conversations, relationships, rays of light and the smell of metal.

A place where, over the years, dozens and dozens of people have contributed to building the La Marzocco that we know today.

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